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Challenge: APPs for Teachers

Posted on Jan 25, 2013 by in Challenge, Featured, Math, Science, Technology

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Find 12 (Dirty Dozen) new apps that you could use to help with your school work and learning. Once you find the APPs get to  know them inside and out...use them for awhile so you  can stand by them well enough to teach them to teachers at a Technology Fair. The "Technology Fair" would be for teachers led by YOU! You could record or screencast demonstartions on "How To" use the APP  so teachers could go back to review the "How To" at a later time for reinforcement or review.

It would be a really good way to get teachers to use these apps if they knew that the students would use them and that they like them.

Go to this article, 14 Excellent PDF Annotating APPs for iPad,  and find out what inspired this post!