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National History Day

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 by in Challenge, Contests, National History Day, Social Studies


Your task is to create a historical website as it relates to 2013 National History Day Theme: Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events

A historical web site is a collection of web pages, interconnected with hyperlinks, that presents primary and secondary sources, interactive multimedia, and historical analysis. Your web site should be an accumulation of research and argument that incorporates textual and non-textual (photographs, maps, music, etc.) description, interpretation, and multimedia sources to engage and inform viewers about your chosen historical topic.

Getting Started:

  • Brainstorm: Who in history impacted society? Whose ideas lead to major events that will never be forgotten? Think of both positive and negative influential people.
  • Select your topic.
  • Research your topic first. Examine secondary and primary sources. From this research, create your thesis. This will be the point that you want to make with your historical web site.
  • Narrow in on the content of your web site. Decide what information you want to incorporate in your web pages, including any photos, primary documents, or media clips you may have found. You should be sure to have plenty of supporting information for your thesis.
  • Create your website using
  • If you choose to officially compete in 2013 National History Day you  MUST Create your website with the NHD Site Editor. Click here to begin the registration process.
  • Organize and Design
  • Keep It Simple: don't waste too much time on bells and whistles. Tell your story and tell it straight.
  • Borrow Ideas from Other Web Sites: find design elements that work and imitate them on your web site. Just remember to give credit where credit is due.
  • Make sure every element of your design points back to your topic, thesis, and/or time period. There should be a conscious reason for every choice you make about color, typeface, or graphics.

Click here to access the National History Day Website Survival Guide.

Examples of Student Websites:


  • Debate and Diplomacy: Panama Canal Treaties


  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: the Battle over Hetch Hetchy

  • Debate, Diplomacy, and Free Speech: The Skokie Case