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Posted on Apr 30, 2013 by in Challenge, Featured


Game Devs create the code, art, and sound that make a video game playable. They craft interactive experiences that respond to the player in ingenious ways. A game isn’t really a game until it’s being played, and only a Game Dev can make it so.
Sprites are images that contain all the frames or faces of an animation and are used in building games (and web apps, too!). Upload a screenshot of Pickle with your image to complete the challenge!
Use the sprites and textures you’ve created to build a 2D game in Stencyl. Checkout the ‘Play’ section to browse games for inspiration. Upload a screenshot of your game and it’s link on Stencyl so other Makers can play and be inspired!
The tech guys are downloading this for you.

Use stencilpedia:
And play this: http://www.st