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Stop and Create

Posted on Oct 13, 2013 by in Challenge, Contests, October

create or die jpeg
From Vista for Learning: 
designsAs many of you know, for our current contest, Cool Designs, we are partnering with a Texas company, iCreate to Educate, that does very cool stop-motion software and apps. Those of you with an iPad can download the free myCreate app and give it a whirl. Once it starts, you are guided through its easy interface for creating a simple stop-motion piece, and you can narrate the resulting video.
The free version allows one to do up to 30 frames, which at the default speed is only three seconds. However, this is a perfect tool for getting students to think about fine-tuning a piece of media, and by extension, thinking about the connection between careful planning and high-quality work.
If you end up making a stop-motion video that you submit as part of our contest, you also could win some great prizes from the team at iCreate, which is interested to see what Next Vista's friends can do!
And don't forget that in this contest, Sony has generously supplied us with Xperia S Android tablets for the winners. Not uncool.